Land Services

Our land experts help meet the needs of Industrial Houses , Developers, Corporates, Private and Institutional Buyers, High net worth individuals and other investors for land acquisition and joint ventures. We advise and assist you with the right procedure of acquisition starting from understanding the purpose of investment, handling negotiations with owners, interest holders and attorneys to complete legal documentation.

We also research and understand every aspect concerning the land like, the surroundings, location, future development plans, state policies and the environment before we propose it to the buyer for acquisition so that the buyer can use it appropriately and efficiently to achieve its the full value optimization.

Through our experience and networking in the real estate industry we are able to identify properties having excellent growth potential. With changing government policies, rates and stiffness of the owners it looks nearly impossible for any individual or new entrant to acquire land. We provide complete support on documentation, due diligence and negotiations with the landlords.

Simplifying the complicated :-
Every aspect pertaining to land namely, the environment, surroundings, state policies, geography, location, future plans, etc. have to be considered before designing the appropriate use for it and accessing its true potential. A wide network across facilitators, brokers and farmers allows us to provide impeccable on-ground services. It has also helped us achieve a solid track record in acquiring the most difficult classes of land. We pride ourselves on our proficiency in getting a 100% marketable land title in every clients’ name despite India’s complicated land laws.

Depending upon the requirement of client we classify lands in following sections -